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A Temporary Solution for everyone

Not Just for homeowners renovating their property, our Kitchen Pods provide temporary solutions for insurance claims, kitchen design companies, for policy holders that don’t want to move to alternative accommodation, for schools, care homes and more.

Loss Adjuster

A Sedgwick Loss Adjuster was looking for a solution to enable an elderly policy holder to remain in his home during repair works to his kitchen. They hired a Standard Pod with washing machine for 5 weeks.

Sedgwick Insurance


“We hired a Luxury Pod, our Pod was called ‘Tonie’. THANKGOODNESS for Tonie !!! A real oasis and a quiet place for Paul’s teams meetings away from the noise and upheaval in the house. We were incredibly grateful for the Pod, what a lifesaver!”

Clare & Paul were planning a large project, building a garden room on the full length of the back of the house. Adding space and drastically changing their existing kitchen, utility and flooring of all of downstairs.

With a young family, a Cockapoo called Arlo and Paul working from home, Clare was worried about coping during the project.

Clare’s ironing lady told her about Temporary Kitchen Pod.

Clare Sutton, Norfolk.

Building Contractor

Carrying out subsidence repair work at a property in Colchester, Cadman Group Ltd hired a Standard Pod with washing machine on behalf of the home owners. Taking away the stress and inconvenience of living without a kitchen during the repairs.

Cadman Group Ltd


“We hired a Temporary kitchen Pod for 8 weeks while our extension and new kitchen was built. Gamechanger! I wish I’d known about it sooner.”

Mr Chapman had been putting off having a much needed kitchen renovation for a long time. His food intolerances meant eating out or having take-aways during the build process was too risky.

We provided a Standard Pod with a dishwasher, giving Mr & Mrs Chapman a fully equipped kitchen for them to prepare and cook meals just like in their own home.

Mike Chapman, Surrey

Care home

“The Pod was great, it did its job well. We were able to extended the hire at very short notice too which was a relief.”

This provider of forward thinking living services for adults with disabilities needed to upgrade their on site kitchen. Finding alternative accommodation for the residents would have been too distressing for them and very costly. Yet providing 3 meals a day for 15 residents without a kitchen seemed impossible. After contacting Temporary Kitchen Pod, they hired a Luxury Pod for 6 weeks, the Chef adjusted his meal plans and the residents continued to enjoy their normal routines.

Mark, Greenwood Lodge


Mr Cliff suffered flood damage to his property requiring an insurance claim. He and his family were staying in Airbnb accommodation. Limited availability locally meant he had to move frequently from one Airbnb to another.
We were able to deliver a Temporary Kitchen Pod to his home in its remote location enabling the family to move back in.

Toby Cliff, Powys, Wales.


“The kitchen is being really well utilised and maintained by its users and has been a real boost for them! It’s been a great facility for us. ”

The kitchenettes at RAF ST Mawgan’s staff barracks needed some upgrades to bring them up to code. Hiring a Standard Pod with a dishwasher meant the staff could remain in their accommodation and stay on the base during the upgrades.

Flt Lt Cory Styche

Whether you are a Building Contractor, Loss Adjuster, Home Owner, Care Home, Policy Holder or Private Sector, contact us today about your project.

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