A fully equipped, modern kitchen delivered nationwide, for use during renovation or repair

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Available in 3 sizes, our range of Temporary Kitchen Pods will make your life easier when your kitchen is out of action.

Offering a fully equipped, modern kitchen, Temporary Kitchen Pod delivers the ideal solution to being without your kitchen during renovation or repair. Providing you and your family with a clean, useable space away from the noise, mess and disruption in the home, our Temporary Kitchen Pod will quickly become a sanctuary on your doorstep.

Choosing from 3 available sizes, hiring a Temporary Kitchen Pod will enable you to stay in your home, maintain your family routines and keep your day to day life on track.

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Installation & Requirements

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We can help you find the best location to site a Temporary Kitchen Pod at your property. Our expert installation team will connect all the services and show you how to use your Pod.

Temporary Kitchen Pod delivers an affordable luxury solution to being without your kitchen during renovation or repair.
Delivering convenience, when you need it most.

Planning a new kitchen is an exciting time. That is until your builder tells you your existing kitchen is going in the skip tomorrow when your new kitchen wont be fitted for another 4-6 weeks!

Our portable kitchen sits outside your property, keeping your cooking and food preparation separate from the builders mess inside.

With a Temporary Kitchen Pod there’s no brick dust and rubble and no sharing your makeshift sink with the trades and their buckets to worry about.

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