Solutions to kitchen renovation mess

Fear no more, the solution to your renovation nightmare is here. You could spend all of your time eating takeaways or microwave meals and doing your washing up in the bathroom sink but the mess could still be too much and you will need a break. Even if the renovations are ‘only a week-long’ but that’s still a week without a washing machine, sink, cooker and dining table, we think you need the solution and we have it!

Simply Put

The solution is simple, Temporary Kitchen Pod the temporary kitchen hire specialists! Whatever your situation your home or kitchen renovations never need to be too expensive or too messy, the stress is over. Home cooked meals no longer need to be a thing of dreams because the temporary kitchen pod has a fully fitted kitchen with oven, hob sink and washing machine, that’s right it even means you can enjoy your Christmas dinner as a family around the dining table in the spacious temporary kitchen pod.

The More You Know

The temporary kitchen pod is hired out from just £25 per day with an additional delivery charge, all you need for your pod to be delivered is a drive 5.4m Long and 2.2m Wide and you can have your temporary kitchen solution. For more information about the specifications and all about our features contact us on 02477 679 121 or email us for a quote and book yours for the new year

Emergency Kitchen Replacement

The Emergency Kitchen Pod

Keeping your home safe is important, it holds your most valuable possessions and it protects your family! It’s hard to plan for disasters such as floods and fires as no one expects it to happen to them, but now you don’t have to plan, Emergency Kitchen Pod offers a brilliant service so you can keep your life running smoothly while the trouble is sorted.

The great thing about the emergency kitchen pod is that it is a fully fitted kitchen with space for family dinners and facilities for washing your clothes. Fitted with a fridge, sink, washing machine and even a dining table this kitchen pod is the perfect temporary kitchen solution for your kitchen and laundry room. With heating and electrical hook up the kitchen pod is perfect for dinner times.33

Other Pods.

As well as the emergency kitchen pod, we offer the Temporary kitchen pod for home renovation emergencies. So you can live your life without the issues that come with home renovations, the temporary kitchen pod can be parked on your driveway ready for you to use so you can have a cup of tea without standing in the cold.

For more information about Temporary Kitchen Hire or any of our products please contact us on 0247 767 9121 or email us on

What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

When it comes to renovating your home, it is exciting no matter how big or little the renovations are. But not many people realise what comes along with it. After the decision is made and after the contractors are chosen, then comes the time to organise the mess that comes with it. Let us break it down for you:

Washing up:

Whether you realise it or not the humble washing machine is such a great invention and without the use of your kitchen, you are going to have to find another way to wash your clothes. The bath? Scrubbing board? Lets not. And don’t get us started on washing your pots in the bathroom sink, Impossible.


Using your hob or oven might be second nature but what are your options when you cant use your kitchen? Microwave meals for the family? Somehow we don’t think so, and eating out every night is a no go! So what could you do? Cook around the builders? That’s if you have your oven in.

Eating space:

Sitting down with your family or loved ones at dinner time around a table is a luxury everyone overlooks but when you cant or you are sat in the garage because there is no room in the dining room it all becomes clear that you need a simple solution.

Temporary Kitchen Pod offers a simple solution to all these problems. A fully functioning kitchen and dining space for you when your home is under renovation. Solving the time long issue of what to eat and where, giving you flexibility with Your Kitchen Renovation Solution. If you are interested in temporary kitchen hire for while your kitchen is under renovation contact us on 0247 767 9121 or email us at

We were washing plates and clothes in the bath for weeks.

Life Saver

The Temp Kitchen Pod was a complete life saver. We were having our kitchen renovated which then ran over the completion date. We were left without a kitchen for an additional 6 weeks. Without the Temp Kitchen Pod we would have gone mad!