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At Temporary Kitchen Pod, we offer a functional kitchen to cook, dine & wash whilst your kitchen is being renovated. Our kitchen pods offer a spacious and convenient solution with all the modern features of a permanent kitchen. Day to day life doesn’t have to change whilst your kitchen is under construction, thanks to our temporary kitchen hire.



Washing up in the bathroom sink becoming too much of a chore? Your renovation still weeks away from completion? Temporary Kitchen Pod is the best solution.


Temporary kitchen

Our temporary kitchens provide you with all your day to day kitchen facilities. We aim to save you from the stress and inconvenience that come with home improvements.


Happy Life

Bring back the balance of everyday life, with the simple solution of our temporary kitchens. Relax with a sigh of relief knowing that you're home comforts can still be easily achieved.


Builders Work

Trades People can spend all day working, not cleaning up and constantly moving temporary plumbing and power for the washing machine for you each evening.


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Our Kitchen Pod..

Perfect solutions are often the simplest, and with our fully fitted temporary kitchens being delivered straight to your door, you can have access to a fully functioning kitchen immediately. For more information on all the features our temporary kitchen hire provides click the link below.

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Portable Kitchen Hire

Here at Temporary Kitchen Pod we want to help you. We know it’s a stressful time when you are renovating your home and kitchen, but with a kitchen pod right outside your door, there is no need to change your daily routine or move into other rooms of the house. For more information about our great temporary kitchen hire solution, have a look at our range of facilities that come with them and how it can assist with your renovation project.

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We have a solution for you

No matter what your situation, we can provide a kitchen pod for you! Everything you need when you need it, in one convenient location.

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